The team

Dalmática is formed by a multidisciplinary team of highly competent professionals. There are no bosses or employees at the company – we are all collaborators, we all have the same importance, we all wear the same shirt.

We like to understand our interpersonal dynamics as a family, in which, of course, some of us assume more responsibilities, but where the relevance of each one’s work is equally significant for the construction of team work.

For the existence of Dalmática as it is – professional, human and multidisciplinary – we rely on the daily delivery of conservators-restorers, conservation and restoration technicians, theologians, historians, archaeologists, sociologists, architects, journalists, image reporters, designers and other professionals.

Rui Barbosa

Rui Barbosa

Founder | General Director | Manager

Born in 1979, in Lousada, he attended the Minor Seminary of Bom Pastor and the Major Seminary of Porto. He graduated in Theology from Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) Porto, in 2003. From 2002 to 2006 he worked as a Commercial Recruiter at the School of Arts at UCP Porto, touring the entire North of the country, gaining a deep knowledge about the local heritage and improving his taste and knowledge in Art History.

He founded Dalmática in 2007, since then running the company’s destinations, with functions in the area of management, commercial fundraising, team leadership and guidance for all work in progress.
More than a service provider to Portuguese parishes, he has revealed himself to be a consultant to several parish priests for the management of the historical and artistic heritage of the parishes.

He is the great thinker of the company’s projects and, due to the internationalization process of Dalmática, he has already visited and analyzed the heritage, especially religious, of 8 countries in Latin America, and is currently with a wide knowledge of post-colonial art
in the region. In addition to assistance and participation in numerous conferences, colloquia, symposia and days with themes associated with heritage and its preservation, as complementary activities, we highlight the following:
2000: Visitors Guide at the Cristo – Fonte de Esperança Exhibition (Alfândega do Porto)
2000-2001: Photographic Inventory of the Sé do Porto Cathedral
2000-2002: Work with teenagers at the Sé Social Center (Porto)
2002-2004: Complementary training in the areas of Expertise and Identification of Works of Art and Iconography of Saints in Portugal, both by UCP
2004-2005: Professor of Moral and Religious Education

Marlene Maia

Marlene Maia

Communication Director | Editorial Office Coordinator | Internationalization Manager

Born in 1979, in Porto, she graduated in Social Communication in 2001. In the following year, she obtained a postgraduate degree in Audiovisual Journalism, specialized in Documentary.

From an early age, he worked in various media, from press to television, including O Primeiro de Janeiro, TVI, NTV, among other media.

Since 2007, he directs the Communication Department of Dalmática, coordinates the company’s Editorial Office and directs the company’s internationalization process towards Latin America.
She currently attends the Master in Business Management and Internationalization, at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. 

In addition to assistance and participation in numerous conferences, colloquia, symposia and days with themes associated with heritage and its preservation, communication and internationalization of companies, as complementary activities, we highlight the following:
– Training and experience in ballet and theater;
Voice-over training and experience;
– Work as a writer and communication advisor for several entities;
– Certification and experience as a trainer in the area of communication and communication
– Participation in numerous associative, performative and communication projects.

Sofia Lobo

Sofia Lobo

Conservative-Restorer | Conservation and Restoration Technical Coordinator

Born in 1979 in Raimonda, Paços de Ferreira, she did her first training in conservation and restoration at the Singeverga Monastery, Santo Tirso, concluding in 2001 the 3-year cycle of studies with a specialization in conservation and restoration of painting and graphic documents at the International University of Arts in Florence, Italy. She graduated and acquired the title of Master in Conservation and Restoration at Universidade Portucalense (UPT) Porto, in 2016. 

Since 2001 she has worked as a conservator-restorer, having worked in several areas of intervention, with greater emphasis on the conservation and restoration of paintingsculpture, carved structures and graphic documents

Since 2010 she collaborates with Dalmática in the execution of several works and in the technical coordination of the conservation and restoration teams. 

As an independent worker, she has collaborated with some parishes in the North to carry out diagnostics and treatment proposals for the conservation and restoration of their integrated mobile heritage.



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