The company

Our history

Dalmática appears on 1 February 2007, in Lousada (North of Portugal – Porto District). 

We are a company specialized in heritage conservation, but also in its research, registration and valorisation.

We work mostly in religious heritage, in Portugal (Mainland and Madeira) and abroad (Latin America), already with a vast curriculum.

We offer our customers a global vision of heritage preservation, in which we value the multidisciplinary dialogue between teams, in order to provide better customer service.

The conservation and restoration department acts as the root from which the other parts of Dalmática branch, in an interactive logic in the development of new services, in which each of these results, and reinforces, the skills previously acquired in the existing services.


 Our facilities

We are in the parish of Lustosa, municipality of Lousada. It is a strategic point, with easy access to the entire North of Portugal, well served by motorways. 

Our workshops respect all the conditions for the work of our technicians: very large and with good direct light, two essential factors for the realization of our services.

Most spaces work in ‘open space’, making it easy to adapt workbenches to the size and typology of the pieces to be restored. 

We have a vast area of carpentry, prepared for the intensive treatment of wooden structures of altarpieces, sculptures, paintings and other pieces. 

We also have a fully insulated and equipped room for the disinfestation of parts and their quarantine

We have laboratories, administrative area, photo studio and social areas, in addition to large warehouse spaces, which allow us to collect raw materials, equipment and pieces on deposit.

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