Senhor do Padrão Chapel

The integral intervention of conservation and restoration of a small chapel, apparently poor in artistic heritage, provided countless and pleasant surprises! It was a gloomy building, with carvings in shades of white and black, such was the oxidation of the metallic sheet that covered them, with ceilings lined with plywood in the same tones, and walls and stonework painted in white. A sad building, which, after months of work by our teams to remove numerous layers of repainting, has recovered the life and joy of other times, in an explosion of colors that floods carvings and stonework. As for the ceilings, after removing the plywood coverings, treating the wooden planks that constitute them and recovering the original polychrome, they make the perfect union of this set, whose popular character makes it almost unique in this region. The intervention in this space also went through the enhancement of the element that gave rise to it: the “standard” – original element around which devotion grew and generated the transformation and expansion of this place of worship. Hidden by the main altarpiece until then, it was moved to the right side of the nave, where a negative box was created that allows the entire element to be observed, next to which a sign was created that tells its story, so that the element is understood and enjoyed by all. Watch here the trailer of the documentary that we directed about the work.

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