Private Chapel

Throughout the second half of 2019, our teams were very committed to the conservation and restoration of a private chapel, in Vila Nova de Gaia, especially in the action of safeguarding its extensive mural paintings, dating from the 18th century and possibly by Nicolau Nasoni

The chapel is located in a huge private complex, all of which are currently undergoing rehabilitation, and which will give rise to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Portugal, according to the owners. 

The paintings in the chapel are of excellent quality and, in fact, very similar to other pictorial sets by Nicolau Nasoni, such as the mural paintings that line the sacristy of the Cathedral of Porto. Both in line and in colors, there is an unmistakable similarity and that the chapel’s property is thinking of studying and clarifying in the near future.

The conservation of these paintings was a huge challenge for the team, not only because of the responsibility that their potential authorship entails, but because the pictorial set was very degraded and in need of a thorough and highly scientific intervention. The end result is incredible!

The removal of saline concretions was constant throughout the chapel’s interior wall

We carried out a deep consolidation of support, in order to avoid detachments

Polychromy fixation was a priority in order to save as much as possible

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