Patrons of the heritage

Knowing the existence of several centenary altarpieces that left their churches and that, for various reasons unrelated to our company, would no longer return to their origin; knowing that these specimens were at risk of being lost, collected without conditions, exposed to pests and humidity, and without any record of deposit; Dalmática, packed them up, inventoried them and protected them. 

Duly authorized by parishes, Dalmática voluntarily collected them and gave them the first treatment necessary for preservation, at no cost to the owners. Alongside this rescue program, Dalmática has also sought, with national and international authorities, to promote gilt carving as a Portuguese identity factor, the true heritage of the nation. 

Finally, in several parishes and even for private individuals, Dalmática has carried out the free conservation and restoration of some heritage, when the owners clearly cannot afford the services or do not understand the need to preserve that heritage property.

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