Parish Church of Ataíde

Conservation work on the altarpiece of the sacristy. We started our work taking as a starting point a tangle of carved parts, originating from the primitive parish church, superimposed and joined together without any kind of criteria, supported on an arch, also the result of the compilation of some elements. To these, a few more pieces were added, from the same source but collected in the church tower, and thus began to unravel the puzzle. The dismantling work, the removal of the white painting that hid the original polychrome of each piece and the reorganization of each element according to its typology and the study of the constructive characteristics of the Mannerist altarpieces, allowed an effectively altarpiece to return to the sacristy. With its pediment of vibrant colors and the traces of what was once its gilding and polychrome, one of the oldest carving elements in this parish is preserved. Watch here the trailer of the documentary that we directed about the work .

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