Panama Cathedral

We left Portugal for Panama in January 2018, with the aim of conserving and restoring the main altarpiece of the Cathedral of Panama. Predictably, we would be in Latin America for five months, but we ended up winning a series of other works, very diverse, inside the Cathedral. We stayed in that country throughout 2018, having returned only in November!

During those ten months, a lot has happened, but there are certain details that will be forever unforgettable in our history:

– We discovered and preserved a huge mural painting unknown to Panamanians and which is the oldest artistic element in that temple; 

The Portuguese Ambassador in Panama, Ana Pessoa e Costa, also trained in conservation and restoration, was part of our team of technicians;

– Halfway through the work, we received the distinguished visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva;

– The Cathedral of Panama (and particularly the work we did there) was inaugurated by Pope Francis himself, on the occasion of the World Youth Days, on January 26, 2019;

– The President of the Republic of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, was present at the inauguration and blessing of the Cathedral, who, even on national television, praised the work of Dalmática.

Our work was reported in the vast majority of Portuguese and Panamanian media, in a media exhibition that we had never experienced before.

It was Pope Francis himself who inaugurated the Cathedral of Panama after the works carried out
President Marcelo was present at the inauguration and praised the work of Dalmática
The ceremony was attended by the highest figures of State and Church of Panama (President of the Republic and Archbishop of Panama), as well as of Portugal (as Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon) and other Latin American Countries
During our work, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by the Ambassadors of Portugal in Panama and by the Ambassador of Panama in Portugal, visited the Dalmática team at the Cathedra

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