Nª Srª de Todo-o-Mundo Chapel

It is a small chapel, but with a lot of popular devotion. The altarpiece, carved from the last phase of the Baroque period, with carving that resembles the shells and waves of the sea, where the carver expresses the quality and delicacy of his work and the gilder makes it shine beyond. At the time of our intervention, this element had lost its beauty and expression, as if stolen by a disrespectful intervention in which all the original coating layers were removed, having subsequently been painted white with plastic paint and the small friezes painted in gold using glitter. In the impossibility of recovering the original, our intervention was in the sense of valuing and dignifying a piece that had lost part of its history. The plastic and glitter paints were removed, the support was treated and the coating layers were reconstituted. The carving volumes were gilded with gold leaf of 22klts, which allowed to return to the set the brightness of other times. The pulpit received the same treatment, as did the moldings of the original ceiling. Watch here the trailer of the documentary that we directed about the work .

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