The Parish Church of Monte is the most visited in Madeira, as right next to it is one of the main tourist attractions on the island: the straw basket carts. In November 2019, Dalmática was inaugurated in this island market, with the conservation and restoration of the ceiling of the chancel of the Igreja do Monte.
It was a demanding job, carried out by a vast team of professionals. The ceiling presented multiple problems in terms of support and cladding, but the final result demonstrated well the technical competence of our team.

During the work, we received the distinguished visit of the Bishop of Madeira, D. Nuno Brás, and evaluated a series of potential works to be developed in the near future in the island.

The ceiling was badly damaged, with numerous polychrome detachments and several cracks and fissures at the support level

It was a work of filling in gaps and very extensive chromatic reintegration

The central representation was also very affected and demanded careful work from our team

The Bishop of Madeira, D. Nuno Brás, visited Dalmática during the works

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