Panama Cathedral

Conservation and restoration of the sacred art of this Latin American temple: main altarpiece, mural painting, side altarpiece, two paintings on canvas, two holy water sinks and a funerary monument

Mural Painting in Private Chapel

Conservation and restoration of mural painting of a chapel in a centenary house, located in
the wine complex of Beira-Rio in Vila Nova de Gaia

Monte Church - Madeira

Conservation and restoration of the ceiling of the Igreja do Monte presbytery on the island of Madeira: oil painting on wood, dating from the 19th century

Preserving heritage

Rescuing the past

Maintaining the present

Enriching the future


We have extensive experience in heritage conservation. Take a look here at some of the work done by us.

Parish Church of Lustosa – Lousada

Nª Srª de Todo-o-Mundo Chapel – P. Ferreira

Parish Church of Cepelos – Amarante

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