Editorial office

With a reporting, writing, editing and programming service, we register the heritage and the interventions we carry out in it and present our work through video, photography, books and signage. Records that are an asset to monuments and the communities in which they are inserted.

This practice of registering heritage and its conservation processes is increasingly supported and encouraged by authorities such as UNESCO, who consider heritage
safeguarding as important, as their deep knowledge and their enjoyment by communities.

    Documentary videos

    It is a product that has more and more output in Dalmática. 

    Our videos are very successful because they can record the technical conservation work carried out on the works of art, but also the communities, the worship they perform, the way they mobilize to obtain funds, etc.

    With a team of reporting, image capture and highly creative editing, our documentary videos stand out for being all different, combining subjects of the greatest importance presented in an artistic and impactful way.

    Photographic records

    The photographers and photojournalists who work with us do the photographic record of the material and immaterial heritage of the parishes. 

    There are several projects already carried out and the images obtained reveal a highly creative perspective on the photographed goods. 

    Usually, the final work is presented in black and white, which gives an even greater intensity to the photographs.

    Books and publications

    The result of the work of the Dalmática research department is presented several times in publications produced by our editorial office. 

    In addition to the researchers’ content, we add the images captured by our photographers, thus obtaining books, parish inventories, monographic publications, etc. 

    We also publish intervention reports, informative flyers, scripts … Always with the highest content correction, with the most appealing design and with a selection of texts and images that communicate the subject in the most assertive and professional way.


    Informative signage

    Helping a visitor to interpret a monument or a work of art is essential to make him understand the heritage importance of the item under observation.

    Aware of the importance of informing the public, Dalmática offers the signage service. 

    The signs, totems or information tables can be watertight or interactive and technological. The latter are increasingly desired, as they allow visitors to experience dynamic reading and interpretation. The various stages of the conservation and restoration process, the contents produced by research professionals, the photographs and videos of the editorial office, etc.,
    can be presented there.

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