Creative workshop

Our multidisciplinary and creative team, composed of architects, conservators-restorers, wood carvers, artists and designers, develops new pieces, designed according to the wishes and needs of our customers. We always try to reconcile art with functionality and the centenary with the contemporary, promoting the best possible dialogue between the new and the pre-existing.


There are already several parishes that have celebratory furniture in their churches and
chapels designed and executed in Dalmática. 

In stone, wood, iron, sometimes with gilt inlay of real gold, the sets are always developed
specifically for the space in question, looking for the most effective solutions for the union
between the centenary and the contemporary.


They are very interesting decorative pieces, mostly in solid wood, full of symbolism and meaning, which break with traditional canons

Objects of great artistic value and very impactful, which adorn and enrich any space in which they are placed.


Mostly of a religious nature, our art pieces can be developed at the request of the client or
at our initiative.

Several times, they have resulted in very interesting projects of contemporary expression,
joining Dalmática with great names in the visual arts of Porto and Northern Portugal.

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