Active social inclusion

We are very proud to include Alfredo in our teams, effectively and continuously. He joined Dalmática in 2013, just for a three-month internship, to complete a carpentry course at CerciMarante. But the truth is that he is with us today!  Alfredo has a syndrome, some disabilities and is from a family at risk of poverty and social
exclusion. Inhabitant of Lustosa, parish where we have our headquarters, over the time he has worked in Dalmática, Alfredo has already shown a very positive evolution, an apprehension of superior abilities and an ease of socialization and autonomy in society that surpassed any expectations. 

But the most important thing is that not only he and his family won: the Dalmática team also strengthened ties since Alfredo’s arrival, grew and became bigger from the human point of view, tolerance and integration! This is not, in fact, the only case in which Dalmática welcomes “different” employees to the team: on other occasions, we have already established protocols with local schools for specific insertion in the curricular internship of young people from special education, also from the parish of Lustosa. 

We thank the collaborators and the institutions that brought them: we have grown and improved all!

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